Now that you have seen that trying to repair your own credit can be more daunting then you imagined its time to seek help. You will want to find a company that will not just take your money and run. There are so many fly by night companies out there how can you tell which one is right?

The BBB? Suprisingly no, the BBB often does not give credit repair companies a fair shake. If you really investigate the BBB you will see corruption on a level that would truely suprise you. This is an interesting article about the BBB you may or may not know about:

Either way the best way is to talk to the company. See if they answer the phone, see if your questions are answered in a timely manner before signing up. Call them 10 minutes before its time to close up for the day and see if they talk to you or rush you off. With a little help you can find out which companies are real and not.

If you want us to save you some time just call MSI Credit Solutions. They have a proven record with thousands of testimonials to proove it. Give them a call to get your free consultation: 1-866-217-9841.